Commercial Movie Lives!

Just before hopping off to bed, I’ve found sometime to do an update but, before I do, I just want to make a two quick apologies.

First up, I’d like to apologise for being a massive prick to all the people I’ve bailed on of late. I have a feeling this might happen more rather than less in future, but we’ll see.

Secondly, I’d like to apologise to my future self for writing so little actual writerly words. It’s been an intense week of getting synopses and their like together and firing off hulking packages to addresses all over the world for consideration by what is probably a small old woman in a large modern office. Will get this article done and good, and next week is re-write o-rama.

Right! On with it. Today, I finally met up with Martin to watch through some genre films before selecting one to work on for Commercial Movie. We decided on three: horror, comedy-drama and thriller.

After a quick breakfast down at Verdes in Kennington (nice cafe, strange staff), we teed off with The Descent, which I’d describe as a character horror. If you’ve never seen it, I heartily recommend it. It takes a while to get stuck in, but it pays off in absolute spades in the last forty minutes.

For the comedy-drama, we went with When Harry Met Sally. It seemed timely considering Norah Ephron’s passing earlier in the week. I hadn’t seen this movie properly before and it was as delightful as I’d always heard it was. Meg Ryan looks stunning and they don’t make leading men like Billy Crystal anymore. It does owe a lot to Annie Hall, which might be why I liked it so much, but does its own thing beautifully.

The thriller was the Coen’s Blood Simple. Very 80s, oodles of fun. Nothing quite as sinister as throwing grave dirt on the face of a man who’s not quite dead. Oddly enough, though this is their first film, you can see a lot of where No Country For Old Men sprang from.

We went through each film in turn, talking about what we liked and thought worked well in each of them. After some deliberation, we decided to work on a comedy-drama, and I sent Martin packing with my copy of Martin McDonagh’s Plays 1 for inspiration. Going to reconvene in mid July, watch In Bruges, and throw some ideas around. Something fun, something silly, something touching. Totally we’re the boys to write that.

P.S. Listened to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers today for the first time in what must be at least two years. It reminds me of being 15, sitting in a circle while someone played Scar Tissue on a guitar and kissing anything with a face.

P.S.S. If you want to dance around in your pants to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, close the blinds first.

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