Settle Down

Unusual morning so far, beginning with the 8.30 am bloodbath that is a trip to the dental hygienist. She’s a chirpy Australian though, which helps when they’re going at your face with a drill.

Last night I hooked up with Sir Steve Rolfe to watch the football. Epic match but an epic man also. He’s off on a cycling trip from Greece to the UK to raise money for the kids. So he’s totally That Guy, but he’s OUR That Guy, dammit. He was kind enough to lump a ball around with me before hand, and while my fitness is not going to worry the keener joggers of Battersea Park, my touch and pass are still there. That is to say, they’re still fairly awful, but no more awful than they used to be.

Have a hand in today, and writing an article for Wry Republic that I need to get on with so will post something more substantial next week. I will throw a little recommendation your way though. A friend on Facebook raved about this book, How Will you Measure Your Life?which on the surface seems like a typical self-help book, employing blurb level observations and African proverbs in order to “maxergise” your life for at least the next five minutes. Thankfully, it’s cleanly written, genuinely insightful  and the axiomatic approach, culled from the business world, seems to fit.

The sections on kids were a bit less interesting to me, (and hopefully won’t be for a few more years yet) but it’s still worth a look for the first hundred pages alone. You’ll fly through it.

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