Back On The Horse

I’ve been a little lazy on here for a bit now – just been very busy. I’ve resolved to make a blog entry every morning as soon as I sit down to work, as both a means to get my thoughts flowing and procrastinate heavily. Let’s see how long that lasts…

The photos I’ve been posting have been from the shoot I mentioned for Laura’s friend, Racheli. It was a tiring, but worthwhile day. The weather didn’t really hold for us, but Racheli, her husband Nico, and the two models, Laura and Sam were all warm and game for getting the shots. Even managed to roll off a couple of Polaroids. My hand did start failing on me, but that was after five or so hours, so I think I’m back! (and getting paid makes it worth it, eh?) Will take the camera out and fulfil some Capture Collective briefs this Saturday.

I have, unsurprisingly, been thinking a lot about photos of late. I tend to have quite a strong response to photos, and been tracking how the experience of them shifts. Yesterday I saw a photo of me with someone I used to go out with. I remember when it was taken, I thought it was great and loved to look at it. It’s a playful shot – the sort of thing you fawn over in a relationship, but induces a pandemic of eye rolling in the assembled company.

It all ended slightly unpleasantly, and so looking at that photo afterwards used to make me sick. Sick enough to bury it away to avoid seeing it entirely.

But yesterday it popped up on my Facebook, and you know what? It didn’t turn my stomach anymore. If anything, I remembered it fondly. Whereas before it was a constant, bruising reminder of how something once glorious had decayed, it’s now a bit of a relic. It’s divorced from my immediate emotional self, disconnected from my present so fully that it just exists in the spirit of which it was taken. A diabetes inducing couple, horsing around. It is a you that no longer exists…and don’t we all like to look upon who we were with a bit of nostalgia? Even if it was once so horrible.

Buck Rogers just came on the radio, bringing on a bit more Exeter reminiscence. Clearly today is going to be a great day.

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