Getting There

If I keep posting pieces about my hand, I swear I’m going to have to create a category for it, but while I can’t promise I won’t do it again, I will attempt to keep it short.

Today, Laura asked me if I’d be willing to shoot some photos for a company a friend of hers is setting up. My first instinct was, of course, no. But, truthfully, I abhor the state I’m in at the moment so I went to my DSLR, slipped my hands around it and felt the weight of it. So far so good. I rocked the bulk of the camera into my right palm and winced, expecting the worst…and I can’t lie, it hurt a little, but not an awful amount, nothing unbearable. So I texted Laura and told her I’d  be happy to do the job.

I realise this isn’t the best of ideas and I will have to mega careful but reader, the hit of having sports, freehand writing and photography removed from my life has made me realise just how much I value all of them. I don’t give myself over entirely to anything, which is probably my biggest issue, but feeling my hand not buckle under the camera’s heft lifted my spirits like nothing else has the last six weeks. I stopped doubting, stopped hating and just looked forward to getting on with some work.

One week til the cast comes off.

And I am never being sub goalie again!

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