Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon, In the Summertime

As I sat in the park yesterday, munching down on some hopelessly middle class feast, I realised I was about to overshoot my hour and it was time to head back to work.

Since the nature of that work is freelance I didn’t have to necessarily go back. I could’ve eaten a 99, I could’ve dropped my pants and gone for a run around the War Museum. But I packed up and headed in, knowing I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t. It got me thinking as to what makes us haul ourselves out of park on a sunny afternoon. What makes us bother? I understand this is not a particularly deep though, just my motivation was not what I quite expected. I thought it’d be more passionate than that, but it really was just that sense of “I’m better than this”. So what gets people going? Off the top of my head, I have: status, compulsion, addiction, guilt, love for, love desired, compassion, duty (familial/national), fear, money, anger, lust…anymore for anymore?

I remember when I was 13 (literally half a life time ago now…yikes), I was in that idealistic phase and thinking about GCSE choices. I was going headed to the bus stop with a friend, urging him to do what he loved, what he was interested in, rather than what he thought would earn the most. He turned to me and said:

“But I love money”.

“Well…fair enough”.

I still don’t have a better reply to that. You don’t get to choose your passions. Although I do often think that the best trait a person can have is the ability to be interested in absolutely anything. Can’t fail to be satisfied then.

(I should note that said friend instead found a nice girl and a nice part of the world to live in, and he’s more than pleased with that – everybody wins)

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