6,479 Words

…and 28 pages. This is the length of Bump now. That’s longer than I thought it was going to be, and means it’s now roughly 45 minutes long. And it’s not quite done yet, so a 60 minute(ish) piece is a distinct possibility. As I’ve mentioned previously, my length/time calculations are a bit off so take that with a pinch of salt. It’s feasible that, if Bump follows the Free Fall mould that the piece is actually nearly 80 minutes in length. Off 30ish pages.

This is why I desperately need to do a reading, and I’ve roped Si and Mark in for it. Hope they’re keen/free soon since I need to move on. Actually…hang on…I’m going to read a typical page right now, time it, and make an approximation.



Ok. That one page took a minute and twenty six seconds to get through. Sean’s quite nervous in it, and there’s no script action so the pace is relatively fast….45 minutes seems a reasonable estimate. Considering the whole thing is quite slowly paced in the main, I think this can easily clock in as an hour long piece. That’s now definitely my target. I won’t force it, because I don’t think the relatively simple set up and plot can sustain longer than that. But a solid, enjoyable, one hour piece, straight through in the company of two characters. I’d love to pull that off. So here’s the deadline for that: Aim to have a first draft done and printed by Friday. 9ish more pages…approximately another 2,000 words? Watch me fly, internet!

I’m very conscious of what Ola advised me to do when writing the final section of Ayodhya, which is, when you have two characters who know each other already but haven’t seen each other in a while, to be very careful to ground action in the present and not rely on stories of the past too much. If you’re going to have a story, make sure it’s serving some sort of purpose to the present set up (e.g. use it to guilt, to anger, to demean…etc). I’ve tried to avoid “do you remember the time…?” and “just like when we used to…” as much as possible, although there are a couple in there. Will try to either iron them out in the second draft, or make sure they’re earning their place.

P.S. The Queen also had her Diamond Jubilee this weekend. You might have heard something about it.

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