Knuckle Down

I had my hand check up yesterday and received mixed reviews. On the plus side, I can move my knuckle again (ish). On the non-plus side, I got told I’ve been using my right hand too much.

I’ll just wait a second for you to get the joke out of the way.


So what have I been doing with that hand? Well, it turns out turning into a social recluse has worked wonders and in the last week I’ve finally pumped out a first draft of Mehta (11,000 words – pretty shit) as well as most of  a first draft of Bump (4,500 words – pretty passable), AND made pretty much all the suggested alterations to Free Fall (now 5,100 – quite fond of it).

All in all, that’s around 8,500 words over a week and a half, which I’m fairly chuffed about. Maybe I need to injure myself more often? Now most of those words will get thrown about if not straight out, but I am at least digging up the material, as Lin from Write to Shine would say, and can craft it later. Next week, I will shove all of those in the drawer and give my hand a proper rest. I’ll also treat myself to two shows: Love, Love, Love by Mike Barlett at the Court, and Beloved at the Bush. 

Basically, a whole lot of love. (Sorry).

After that, it’s to the British Library for research, which will make for a nice change. Itching to get a decent feature script under my belt, even if it is practically unfilmable at this stage of my career.

Determined to get back to reading fiction too. Got a couple of irreverent novels resting on my shelf, and want to dip into some of Joe Penhall’s stuff too. Tight writing from that man. Could learn a lot.

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