Scratchy Bones

Having a cast on during the hottest days of the year so far is turning me into one of those dogs that can’t stop wanting to tear out its stitches. Maybe I need a little cone around my wrist to stop me getting at it.

Had another 4 a.m. miracle last night about how to shift my story and try and make the bastard work. It involves a bit of writing, which you should really never do til you’re done with the draft, but in this case it’s fairly necessary. After I’m done with this script, I can’t wait to bury my head in research at the British Library for a bit with The Oath research. Will offset that with the Free Fall rewrites and working with Meg to get I Can See My House From Here shot. Hopefully have a couple more commercial movie meetings with Martin as well.

Now if only this bastard hand would fix itself, I’d go out and play some tennis…

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