My New Reality

So I spannered my hand playing football on Wednesday, and it turns out I’ve dislocated my thumb. Thought it’d be alright, but whenever I touch it, I feel like I’m going to be sick.

Basically, turns out my bone will forever be slightly out of alignment, which is a long term bastard, but the short term bastard is that I’ve got this mould around my hand and won’t be able to move it properly for six weeks. No football, no photography and limited typing, though this is my attempt to give it a go. Very slow and mostly left handed, with my right hand popping in with the occasional vowel before overheating.

This has somewhat set me back with the typing of the radio drama. However, I had a bit of a 4am miracle yesterday and am basically prepping myself for the inevitability that Sunday is going to be a pain killer fuelled writing frenzy….to the mines!

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