Last Rites

Well, well – the last few hours of being 25. I will keep this short, because I have a ropey theatre musical, set in the South of Ireland, to flesh out, involving traditional drinking songs morphing into Bollywood numbers, by way of Hollywood musicals (this will likely be the very greatest or very worst thing I ever write).


– Working lots of hours doesn’t mean you’re working hard.

– You’re only as fancy as the shoes that you’re wearing.

– I’m rubbish at picking horses.

– You can teach yourself to enjoy guacamole.

– I will never understand London.

– I don’t love music as much as I used to.

– Never tell a girl she looks “pretty”.

– Most people are actually worth it, despite first appearances.

– I’m more influenced by people now than when I was a teenager.

– My Indian accent is dreadful.

So much still to do, hopefully a fair few years in which to do it in…is it strange that i’m looking forward to being 30?

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