Let Me Just Step Outside A Moment…

Just now I found out that, due to the deadline falling on my the 16th, I actually will not be eligible to apply for the funding – I will be too old by a matter of hours! So let me get this out of the way:


I have mixed feelings about that. Part of me is pretty flat, having shovelled a lot of work into getting it together. Another part of me, the side that wants to make the film anyway thinks it probably helps to not rush something that involves strapping expensive equipment to falling bodies. Also, it means I get to dedicate my time to Write to Shine this week, which I sorely need to do. Cause, y’know…it’s the part that might give me a future.

I’ll pull the money together for the short anyway. Speaking of, in better news, when I get paid tomorrow that’ll be the day I hit my savings target, which is great. Means anything from here on in I can put aside for New York. Anyway, have a random picture from the archives:

They're probably lawyers by now.

Spent a couple of hours last night in The King’s Arms, timing a slightly back-broken Alex as she gamely ran through the House script over and over. She gave some great, clean readings and it was useful for refining the script, taking in what works, what I did and didn’t need and what sounds best in a passable Southern drawl…

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