Kilburn Theatre Club

So, I was not blown away by The Bomb. (Sorry, that’ll be the only one).

I saw it last night at The Tricycle, a neat little theatre/cinema in Kilburn with Farokh and Laura. The play itself was a collection of five smaller plays moving chronologically from the 40s through to the fall of the USSR in the 80s.  While I was never bored by what I was watching, my big beef is that a lot of the time, what was going on on stage was didactic, not drama. Farokh said that some parts were like watching a staged Wikipedia article, which isn’t that far from the truth – most of the pieces were flatly staged and even a bit of action for the actors would’ve helped.

A part of me does love this sort of thing – I really enjoyed The Great Game at the same theatre – and it can be engaging in its way. To bring back the Wikipedia example, we’ve all got lost for hours reading articles on there, right? I think I need to digest the evening still, but I reckon the play was at its best during the pieces that made use of a solid metaphor every now and then. Call me old fashioned.

Either way, it was good to have an evening with a couple of CSSD writers. Made me remember that the reason I managed to create anything good during my course was that I had the support of some very talented people. That they make great drinking buddies is a bonus, and was taken advantage of in the pub across the road. Nice place, open late and I’d recommend it even if they’re not that big on ales, with a solitary Doom Bar pump holding the fort.

A few drinks down, we decided to take a couple of pics to send to Charlotte for her birthday (Happy birthday, Bencey!). This one to the left makes me look like a man-child with a very small head and a gigantic body/hands combo, which maybe one day I can make a reality. Shame you can’t read the text, but it’s not particularly inspiring considering the company (How many writers does it take to write a birthday greeting?).

Left at half twelve, and we talked a little about philosopher/White Stripes puns whilst waiting for the last train out of Kilburn. On reaching Waterloo, Laura and I encountered a young, drunk bisexual (he volunteered this detail) man on the escalators out, who told me he couldn’t find me attractive due to my mushroom hair.

I agree with him.

In other news Liz, the actress who was in Free Fall, asked if she could pitch the play for a slot at the Bridewell, which would be awesome and hope that comes off. I want to rewrite it properly, and I will, but writing priority (outside of pitches) has to be on writing some great stuff for Write To Shine. I’m very behind, so going to hit it this weekend.


Speaking of pitches, the deadline for the Ideastap £5k film fund is next week, so going to spend some time this weekend working on my application for it. I think I’ve found a camera man who might be the one to help me make this happen. Here is a photo he’s taken:

That’s exactly the sort of thing I’d be looking to capture in the short. The guy’s experienced and loves shooting sunsets, so I’m going to email him tonight and hope he can at least tell me whether what I’m trying to do is insane or actually feasible.

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