I Can See My House From Here

When I was teching at the film school, dreaming of getting into Central, I wrote a piece as part of application that is probably one of my favourites. It’s a short film, probably under a minute and a half, involving a single PoV shot of an old lady skydiving out of a plane to her accidental doom. I just wanted to write something punchy that I’d not seen before, and that’s what came out. People liked it and, so far, that 90 second script got shortlisted for a prize, let me into my Masters, and got me accepted onto a BBC workshop. Which is all great.

But the film doesn’t exist yet. So it’s not good enough.

I spent a long time trying to figure out how to do the shot, and I think I devised a system (all of which involve destroying a camera), but had neither money or the expertise to get it done. The other day I noticed that there’s a new fund on Ideastap that will give £5,000 to 8 shorts under 5 minutes long. I’m going to apply to it, and try and get this script made. Haven’t got it yet, obviously, but already my hearts racing at the prospect of directing it, even if the idea is laced with complications.

Risk assessment: Potential of death by explosive impact for camera man.

So there’s a target. Deadline is my birthday – that’s auspicious, right? I’m definitely going to ramp up one script towards the end of the year to shoot, just need to decide which one. It might even be a pitch short that I work on with Martin and Meg for Commercial Movie, the inaugural meeting of which is this Thursday.

In other news, aforementioned BBC workshop is next Tuesday, so working an extra two hours every other day next week to make up the time to attend. Still, great things could come of it, so it’s all worthwhile. Very exhausting but potentially exciting times ahead!

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