What’s Your Favourite Movie?

It’s fifteen degrees today! Just last week it was dipping below zero. Balmy old, barmy weathered London. Time to ditch the jacket, get the stupid cat t-shirts back out.

Sunshine rakes the building across from Blinkbox Towers

I started to read the scripts of my fellow Write to Shiners. They are, as expected, all strong pieces, and encouragingly diverse. The next few weeks should be a lot of fun. The next session on Sunday involves talking about our favourite film. What the heck do I pick for that? My go-to answer is usually Apocalypse Now (non-Redux version), but there are so many contenders. Off the top of my head: The Long Goodbye, Fight Club, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Once Upon A Time in the West, Tokyo Story, Boogie Nights and, as mentioned in an earlier post, Annie Hall.

For films that hit me on a gut level, it’s going to be between Apocalypse Now, Boogie Nights and Tokyo Story. Will re-watch all three and then decide. I fear this will turn into a Rob Fleming in High Fidelity style thing where even when I’m sure I’ve decided on an answer, I’ll be ringing up my coursemates franctically at 3am to say yes, I know it’s late, but I couldn’t let you sleep thinking I was in love with Raiders, when if I’m honest, I’m more of a Crusade man.

Anyway, time to crack on so that I can justify my April and After dalliance to myself. Worth it in the end. Luck gets better the harder you work. God helps those who help themselves. Aphorisms Patel.

Seeing the shelling of cities in Syria gets more depressing every day. Certain people bang on about “muscular liberalism” but it seems we only get on that particular high horse if the offenders don’t have friends to knock us off. We were so hot to trot on Libya, and while not to say I want us to go tear-assing across the Middle East, I believe in stepping in to make sure civilians don’t get butchered – breaking up the fight, as it were. There’s nothing wrong with enforcing a ceasefire…it’s when we start picking sides in armed conflicts that things get ugly and isn’t what we should be about. Come on DC, pull your finger out on this one, you love it so much.

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