Hurry The Hell Up!

Alright, 25, we’ve had some japes, and I know I’ll regret it some day, but I’m done with you. I already feel like I’m 26, and want to use it as a cue to hit the script work like a titan. For now, I’ll get some sold Blinkboxing in – seems only fair.

Looking at my aims for 2012, my New Year honesty gambit is working out phenomenally. Truly, I’ve never felt so sure of myself or what I want. Also feel much more able to say and do in the cold light of day that which I consider in….hot dark of night? Something along those lines…endeavouring to keep subtext for my scripts, not my life. So anyway! What’s the next step? I reckon it’ll be a mini anti-intellectual movement.

My Write to Shine class really confirmed to me, through the medium of small word games, that I’d be much happier if I just did a little more and thought a little less. How will I translate that practically? More sports maybe…get back into the badminton habit, read more fiction and jump on the next bandwagon/person that I find interesting. It won’t be a permanent thing, and I’m not a campaigner against the academic elite (I do, after all, love a good essay), but it’ll be handy in the long term to get a better balance.

I reckon this “gotta fix it” sentiment of the last few months has come about because I’ve been thinking a lot about my mum, this month more than ever. It’s probably due to birthday up coming, but I can’t get out of my head the idea that if she was me, then she’d only have four years left. It makes me determined to make sure I’m both living the life I want to, and becoming the person I want to be. If I’m well on the way to that by the age of thirty, I feel like I’ll have done enough to justify the time I’ve had.


Just wanted to quickly share this 1963 photo of German Industrialist/Nazi war criminal Alfried Krupp. It’s a fantastically realised picture of someone, using what would usually be considered ‘bad portrait lighting’. The photographer, Arnold Newman was Jewish, if you’re wondering what motivated him to set it up like this…stunning, even if Mr. Krupp probably wasn’t as appreciative as I am.

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