Aw, Here Goes

Last night I went to see Kathryn’s opera as part of Encounters at the Royal Opera House studio. I’ve never been to the ROH so it was quite an experience, and every part the sort of grand building you’d expect (lovely bathrooms). Woke up to a mixed-drink hangover after some writer meet up shenanigans, and then took Jasmine’s boyfriend Dave out to teach him a bit about photography. He basically knew what he was doing, but just needed it all simply laid out and I was happy to oblige. I’ve started thinking that this is actually my sort of charity work that I feel guilty about not doing. By helping my friends and acquaintances learn new things to make their lives better….Photography, arts, bingo with the elderly, surely it all counts?

But then again....

After that, went to see the Home exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects, which was fascinating. Wish I could’ve seen it before I wrote Ayodhya. Started to see that there’s a lot more in that play than I give myself credit for and I really need to give it a synopsis it deserves!

Speaking of writing…I start the first of the Write to Shine masterclasses tomorrow. Won’t say too much about that ’til after, but I am fucking terrified. Everyone’s talented, everyone’s younger, everyone’s really on it. I haven’t written anything properly since October.

Shit. Wish me luck.

P.S. That’s not quite true. About the writing. I’m writing something very important for Monday, it’s just not a script is all. Again, will let you know after the event…

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