The All Seeing Eye

Cameras are everywhere. Even in the past. I was walking along Westminster Bridge Road last week, when I noticed a new shop had appeared by the Natwest. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what had been before, which was annoying to me since I like to think I keep a close eye on the area around me. Crawf couldn’t remember either, so I resigned myself to not knowing.

But then I remembered good ol’ Google Maps: everyone’s window into the immediate past. Sure enough, one dash of Street View later and I had my answer (not very exciting – it had been an empty store with a blocked up storefront).

I wonder if you’ll ever get a similar camera system, in which you surround the area, ‘flash’ the scene while the actors run through it and pick the angle, depth of field, exposure later. Probably possible, if not very cost effective. Still, maybe for studio sitcoms or some nonsense…..

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