I felt pretty miserable this morning. A late night disaster trip from Islington in the snow last night probably didn’t aid that but, in truth, a week that had started well descended into something very heavy. I’ve figured out my routine for dealing with it now though, I think. I start with little, easy, positive things – stick some washing in, fold my clothes, shave before working my way up. I got to the stage where I realised that going part time at Blinkbox probably isn’t going to cut it. If it was a job that gave me new/employed current skills then maybe it would be worth it, but it isn’t. Lots of pacing around, listening to songs on repeat and thinking of some of the stories I want to write later…I threw some numbers around in my head, pulled out a calculator (well, calculator app…) and worked out a date.

April 6th.

By then, I will be able to have saved up enough money to last me 20 weeks. If I have it right, that’s around the last week of August. During that time, I will go on an absolute mother of a writing spree. The current scripts I have are decent, and I’m still waiting to hear back from theatres, but they’re getting to the end of their use for me. All they’re doing is acting as a cover for the stuff I’m not writing. My extra hour a morning isn’t cutting it for me, so if I’m serious about my future, I need to make the time for it. April 6th also coincides with the end of my Write To Shine programme, as well as being just before my trip to New York. I can come back on the 19th of that month refreshed and ready to build on my (hopeful) Write to Shine momentum, throw out a CV to some agents and basically pretend to myself I’m a fully working writer for those months, building up the portfolio and work habits that go with it.

I think I will also need to get into writing some articles as well, to expand my base. I loved the essay writing parts of my degrees and they stretch my mind in a different way to scripts. It’s great for discipline and improving articulation as well. I’ve noticed the clarity and expressiveness of my work has taken a dip of late, and spending some solid time on pieces that communicate a point in say, 500-1000 words, would bring me up to scratch and be useful for any sort of copy employment that I go for. Also, will get that rarely talked about but much needed website up and going.

So…yeah. April 6th. Let’s lay the ground work and get to it.


On that snow note – I was coming back from Simon Bailey’s 26th. I like seeing that boy happy, I do. First time I’ve been involved in a snow fight on the way to a club which I personally loved, but Si didn’t look too pleased…

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