Nothing On

On Tuesday night, I saw Noises Off, a farce (about farces – meta, get it?) at the Old Vic Theatre. It was only my second time there; the first time was to see Richard III with Kanika way back in June last year – a nice flip from a Shakespearan history to a woman running around in her smalls.

I first came across Noises Off in 2010 because it was part of the required reading for my MA courses. My initial attempt to read it ended in frustration…the piece becomes increasingly hectic as the acts go on, and while I could see what Frayn was doing, I admit that I got a bit lost, put it down and finished it begrudgingly. Though I’ve now become much better at visualising plays in my head from script, I knew that, much like when I saw that Sarah Kane’s Blasted was on, I needed to see this on stage to understand, to feel how it worked.

It was a great watch, stunningly choreographed and performed, and I’m pleased that the people I went with seemed to enjoy it too. I’ve been going to the theatre by myself a lot of late, mostly because I realise I’m an absolute pain to see things with, and it was great to share that with some close friends. As evenings go, it was the sort I wish I could almost always have – meet friends, see a show, drink in the bar after to shoot the shit. Perfick. It’s been a really decent week so far, and can’t wait for the weekend of birthdays. February is blowing those January blues right out the door. I now really need to come up with some ideas for Write to Shine so I don’t look like a total moron on the first day.

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