New Routine

I’ve been coming into work an early for the last couple of weeks now, in the hope it would help me tap the wellspring of my writing. This hasn’t happened. Well, not quite how I wanted to anyway. I do write more, but it’s mostly stuff here, or emails to friends. I guess it’s better than nothing, but I either again start doing some rigorous reviewing of stuff I’ve seen (from a writing perspective) or crack on with at least some outlining. ‘Purposeful practice’ as it were, instead of fluff. I’ll start next week, honest.


Last night I was meant to go home and write, but due to a last minute work nightmare I had to fill in as keeper for our 5 a side team. Against top of the league side. On a cold, cold evening. Jay, as usual, spent the warm up cannoning balls at me, which would be fine if not for the odd stray one pelting into my thigh. Ow. I kept out most shots in the warm up, except for a stupid one straight through the middle of my legs. A shame…an omen…

And so it went that I conceded our first goal by falling on my backside as a speculative slipped through my legs. Not exactly a dignified start.

But after that, I have to say, I did enjoy it and the guys did well to close down the opposition, leaving me with a string of easy saves to make. Incidentally, it’s great to be playing with Jake again – I miss his uni day bonhomie. Also, he’s a bloody good player and scored a cracker from the sideline to equalise. Three all in the end, and I got man of the match.

Oh, and on my rush home to get my kit, I found out I’d been selected for Write to Shine! It’s a 10 week programme run by the National Youth Theatre and Shine Drama. Really looking forward to it, even if it does mean I have to cancel/postpone my NY holiday…

February, so far, is working out great! Need to get writing!

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