Ok, so I reckon I have worked out the perfect Radio 4 Afternoon Play…


In a medium sized town, in the middle of Hampshire, all is peaceful, until one day a big wig from The City comes and announces he has instructions to place a Blue Memorial Plaque on the former dwelling of a prominent 19th Century liberal writer. The town is honoured except…they’re not exactly sure *which* house aforementioned writer lived in!


Suddenly two neighbours, who had previously never met – one an empty nest widower, the other a middle aged single mum – war over which of them can claim the vaunted plaque. In a desperate attempt to find meaning in their hollowed out existences, there is much attempted sabotage and comic one upmanship before they realise…egads! They actually quite like each other and care not about the memorial thingiewatsit. The Big Wig, like a pencil pushing twat, insists this little town needs the prestige and history, but single mum’s kid sends him packing with a cute, witty putdown about the future being better than the past.


The neighbours knock through the walls in between their houses and get married, with the town’s (gay) vicar using a moving quote about love from the writer who started the fracas in the first place.


This play is called: “A Plaque on Both Your Houses”.


Do I win?

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