Lots ‘Bout Yachts

‘Lo and behold, I had another such dream last night. This time: woman I know getting married to man I know and I was very upset about it. Shot up at ten to seven,  slightly concerned as to what that implies, but moving on…

In other news, this is heartening news. My recent cloying-march-of-rightuousness has been about challenging my friends who I suspect will vote for Boris at the Mayoral elections to give me positive, policy based reasons to vote for him. I’ve heard nothing particularly convincing yet, the bike scheme being the primary one, but that of course was put into motion by his predecessor.   From most people I hear, “Boris is a legend” (Toby, I’m using you as a reference), or “I’d rather have a goon than a dick in charge” (JT) – will see if I can swing that impression around. I’m not saying Ken is a pleasant person – there are plenty within his own party who dislike him (especially after the Tower Hamlets debacle) but he is effective.


Thinking about the furor surrounding the Michael Gove directed YachtGate, I find it strange that while we have as a nation have ditched God for the most part, we still retain this fondess for the monarchy, even though the latter gains its legitimacy from the former, and the Queen has as much influence over your life as a presumably absent deity. Much fuss has been created about the potential £60 million cost of giving Her Majesty a yacht for her jubilee, but underneath this supposed outrage (for British like nothing more than being outraged), I suspect most would bloody love to give Lizzy a boat. Good old Queen.

I have nothing against the monarchy, really. I’m fairly ambivalent towards it, and I’d wager that even most who don’t like the idea of a monarch don’t aggressively advocate getting rid of them – it would seem so unnecessary. After all, they aren’t tyrants, and if anything it’s their complete lack of official power that makes them relatively inoffensive. That aside, we’re very taken with titles, heritage, grandeur as a nation. Anything that confidently exudes historical continuity and class is attractive when all else seems uncertain and crass.

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