Tax Returns Splurges & Vivid Dreams

Warning: The title might have let you know that this will make for an *incredibly* dull entry, so will keep it as short as I can.

Got my tax return this week…a very welcome £262. It will be blown on:

– Camera tripod.

– A couple of shirts.

– Several pairs of boxers.

Naughty, eh? Never let it be said I’m not a man of constant adventure. If I was really going for it, I’d get a Kindle DX. I’ve always wanted one, but it’s north of $350, you have to get them shipped from the States, and not sure how long Amazon will support them for anyway. All very sad, since it would make reading scripts much, much easier and save on a tonne of paper.


The last few weeks I’ve had incredibly vivid dreams involving my friends. This in itself is not unusual, but I’ve found they’ve started to affect the way I think about those people. Like, for example, a friend of mine, seemed to spend three hours in the pub berating me. When I saw him next, I had a strong, emotive reaction to his presence…to be clear, I thought: “you’re a cockend”.

Except he of course he isn’t (well, he is sometimes but…), it was just a dream. He had no involvement. And I still found myself hating him. Bizarre. Get me to the shrink on time.

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