Revert To Type

Back to work today – kinda nice to see everyone again, but feel my contemplation over the Christmas period has made my time there fairly terminal. I’d still like to continue if I could work part time, so will angle for that.

Cracking through the Pinter-love-bio. It’s weird reading about theatre writers as so revered…I imagine it’s what being a radio star really back in the day was like. Now it doesn’t exist. I really do need to read Betrayal and A Kind of Alaska.

Also found out Meera Syal has written something horrifying close to Ayodhya for the National’s Connections 2012 project. Get this…it features Indians, weddings, and moves between the 1970s, the 2000s and 2030s – just like mine! Apart from that they’re completely different, but god that’s weird, isn’t it? Hope no-one thinks I’ve ripped her off!

Otherwise, I was disciplined this evening which means that I made a chilli and got through my tax return. Bit of an odious task, mostly due to my being terrible at keeping receipts, but apparently I’m owed a £262 rebate so get in. Think I’ll buy myself some nice shirts and, if I’m feeling naughty, get my suits dry cleaned. What a life I lead.

P.S. Had some ideas of how to expand Free Fall – maybe into a one hour TV drama? It would involve, at the start, Roland telling her she can jump, but hanging around to watch whereas she would rather it be a private thing. He chastises her, saying if she wanted that, she’d be better off in a garage with the engine running and hose pipe…you get the idea. Could maybe have a bit of her in a toll booth (or him and her squeezed into one?) with her having it explained? No…would probably just lead to implications of a romance, which isn’t what I want. That first scene can easily be a bit longer though…definitely something in that.

P.S.S. Heading to the NPG for the Taylor Wessing Prize on Thursday. Looking forward to it.

P.S.S.S. Starting to come around to the idea that rampant intellectualism is just a coping mechanism for those who really want to get laid…one must try hard to not be that guy.

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