What’s The Plan?

This’ll be a short precursor to a dissection of how I did with last year’s New Year’s Resolutions (hint: Not very well), in that I’ll consider what I want to get done next year.

Basically, as well as applying to many competitions, by this time next year I need to have written 1x each of the following:

A big hitting play script (Ayodhya…mostly done – just touching up before sending out to get rejected)

– A decent radio play (Mehta…rewriting a second draft from scratch, but it’s all there)

– A neat, visually led short. Ten minutes or under.

– A strong, well worked out film script (This will likely be The Oath) as a showcase.

– A decent treatment for another film, but more genre specific.

– A pitch for a TV 6×30 min series. 

– An idea for another full length play (Clapham? Finally? Properly?)

That should make for a diverse enough portfolio to be able to take to an agency. The biggest undertaking will be writing ‘The Oath’ out properly…but I think it’ll be a pretty compelling movie, with lots of action, if I get it right. The sort of BBC Films would love, actually (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh?)

If I have time, another short play wouldn’t be a bad thing to have – get it put on somewhere for friends to see. Maybe Index, maybe Donkey Shirt, with an eye to making it a TV series. I’d love to do that…

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