Got my Lightscoop the other day – it’s a big ol’ block of plastic. Haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it, due to hectic over-socialising, but just the test shots I did on the Cheat have been very promising.

Lightscoop Test Shot


As you can see, it provides a very clean, even bounce that makes for a flattering portrait shot. It’s not a replacement for a lighting set up, but if you’re just looking to knock out a decent headshot, it’s perfect.


Since it relies on bouncing off a ceiling/wall, you can’t use it outside, though maybe if you have an assistant/chump with a reflector bouncing it back it could work. I will invest in a Speedlite one day, but probably only after I take a step up on camera body. For my dinky KX, the Lightscoop is a decent solution for fill light and I look forward to testing it out a little more.

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