Some Writing From Class Part II

Using two random names from my Facebook…



Lynden: …And the Word was God. We had to write a scene around that.


Kanika: God?


Lynden: Uhuh.


Kanika:         Mmmm….that’s a good one, I guess. You can get a lot out of

God. The big man has nothing if not staying power.


Lynden: God – still inspiring atheists the world over.


Kanika: You’ve…such a way with words.


Lynden: Shall we keep going? We can stay here…


Kanika: No, I think that’s enough.


Lynden: It’s not much more – we just/ took a look…


Kanika: To be honest, I don’t think I’ll both with most of it . Sorry. So much else on. It’s too bloody nice an evening to be thinking about God.


Sorry. I know you took some good notes. Really useful notes.




She goes to pat him on the shoulder, does it once, then stops.


Lynden: Fine. Cool. No problem. A drink then? I. Am. Thirsty!


Kanika: Oooh….I would love to.


Lynden: Great!


Kanika: But I’ve given up drinking.


Lynden: Since when?


Kanika: Last week.


Lynden: But weren’t you drunk on Friday? At your party?


Kanika: Drunk?


Lynden: No?


Kanika: No, that was art. An intense…spewing, art. There were tribal influences, tough on a Western audience. You must’ve missed the introduction.


Lynden: Right, well. Dinner then? There’s a great Korean place around the corner.


Kanika: You know, I’m on this new diet. Good food is wasted on me. Worms. Jihading my colon…


Lynden: Kanika…look…I just need to say…


Kanika: Oh God no.


Lynden: I/ don’t know how…


Kanika: Oooh is that the time?


Lynden: It’s a/ little bit tricky.


Kanika: My housemate will be awfully worried….


Lynden: Oh…Lara?


Kanika: Yes, Lara .


Lynden: Heh.


Kanika: What?


Lynden: I mean, just at the party…while you were…performing….


Kanika: No!


Lynden: It just kinda happened.


Kanika: But…but…it can’t have done!


Lynden: I know, I didn’t expect it either! But occasionally, occasionally in the vigorous washing machine of love, even the strongest colours can bleed/…


Kanika: …This makes no sense…


Lynden: … and the dazzling red pants, and the whitest of socks – previously with no recourse for a match, find themselves thrashed together by fate and watery booze, and they flush entwined into the Kingdom of Pink.


Kanika: …..


Lynden: Anyway…I threw up on your parakeet. Stuffed him behind the sofa cushion. Sorry.

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