Hope Leaves The Theatre

So…surprise! It’s been a while. You might be pleased to know that it’s because I’ve been writing actual, real, big boy things. Let’s have a little run down.

First up, our unmarked, but seemingly very important monologues. We were each asked to write one for the MA Acting students which, while a spanner in the schedule, was great fun. They all did a short scene for us to watch…we would take notes and write for actors of our choice. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with actors, and ran the classic ‘they’re more scared of you than you are of them’ mantra in my head while they paraded their pieces for us.  I went with Neve, who was playing the role of ‘the straight guy’ in a scene from Wanderlust, by Nick Payne.

I wrote three completely different monologues for this…two were terrible, one was decent. One of my tutors hates it, but the other loves it, so it’s all good…I guess. Either way, I’m pleased to be shooting it this week and I think it makes a nice little short film.

Italy rehearsals continue intensively, but that’s a necessity. Just over a month til we fly out…fucking hell…

Actually…you know what? I’ve realised I dont like writing here too much, because it involves writing about myself  – I know that I should do it just out of rote and practice, but…I will say though, I read Frost/Nixon, by Peter Morgan, and it was quietly excellent. It’s easy to knock Morgan, but his work is the epitome of the classical dramatic paradigm. Three acts…protagonist with the same want, but different needs. Clashes set up through interviews, revealing the heart of both characters. Sublime. Absolutely worth a read if you want to see how the pros do it.

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