KENNY: It never happens, it never happens to me. I’m aways missin out, me. Yu know why, cos, cos I can’t get a handle on it yu know. Never know what to do. I see a girl right, look at her and that, she looks back, yer heart’s goin mad, tellin yu thass it, go fer it, but yer head, fuckin head right, fuckin head saying na, na, don’t be silly, yer wrong, man! So yu give it up, yer let it go. But wat if it was right, that was it, she was the one, wat if I juss said summin, stop believin that yer crap, yer nuttin, and believed, juss believed she liked yer. I don’t have to think, I don’t have to do nutting, or prove myself, fuck wat colour yu are, fuck how yu think yu look, juss feel it, let yerself feel it.

Kenny’s monologue from the end of Roy William’s Clubland. I found it to be a surprisingly elegiac piece of work, that dealt incisively with the themes of insecurity and the seduction of bravado in young (mostly ethnic, though there’s more to be read than that) men. I post this monologue because it reminds me of all the hang ups from when I was 16/17 – some of which I’ve shaken, most of which I definitely haven’t.

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