The MacBook Descends Upon Me

And I may actually be in love with it already. I know, I know…I don’t know what I’ve become. What the hell happened to me? Once upon a time, I was even an iPhone hater.
But then along came the editing in 2008. Well, I got trained on the firmly Mac-only Final Cut editing system, didn’t I, so it only made sense for me to get a iMac. For business. And I had an iPod already, but everyone has an iPod so that doesn’t count. Time goes by, I do a lot of work with the iMac and pay it off easily. Easily. Worth the investment, and not some wanky artistic signifer.

July 2010 rolls around and, BOOM! It’s a new iPhone isn’t it?…like, COMPLETELY new…if I was ever gonna break my prejudice (cause I was being prejudice, wasn’t I?) then this would be the best time to check it out. And it’d sync nicely with the iMac. And I wouldn’t even need to use an iPod. So I get one, and it completely changes the way I organise my life. That’s not supposed to happen! That’s supposed to be hyperbole. But it did – I’m paradoxically a man who now plans less, but is far more efficient.

Since acquiring this Macbook (cause my Windows laptop was packing up, and I could get all the software I already had on the iMac on here…for free! That’s saving money, really, isn’t it?) I am now officially the biggest Apple Lover I know.

In the space of 4 years, I have gone from hating to owning: –

– An iPod

– An iPhone

– An iMac

– A Macbook

Please come and take me away before I start spouting some rubbish about how I actually quite like the hermetically sealed Apple infrastructure…or worse – buy an iPad.

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