Jazz Kitchen

This post is actually from last year, and was written in my old blog, but I just thought about those good times, and it seems relevant, so here it is again:

Last weekend was absolutely epic. I went up to Norfolk for Simon Bailey’s birthday, with twelve uni amigos and it was, well, perfect. Sitting by the fire, singing loudly into the night, waking up neighbours, apologising, singing quietly, drinking, mirth, a moment of absolute tenderness, tears of joy, tears of misery, regret, first loves, a once in love couple playing at being friends, long walks by the beach, playing Bulldog in the sand, realising that everyone’s fitness levels need to come up a bit, going to a quaint town, buying lots of wonderful food, disturbing the peace at a local pub, going back to a warm house, cooking a massive meal, eating it with lots of cheap but nice wine, playing Taboo, playing the Humming Game, watching people play Risk, watch people taking Risk perhaps a bit too seriously, getting naked, comparing the benefits of various types of underwear, lots of photos, lots of laughing, brushing of arms, stroking of hair, listening to jazz while you cook in the kitchen on a Sunday morning, mocking birdwatchers, driving home, listening to the comical sat nav, dropping your friends off home, dropping onto the bed, realising this is how you want to spend your 20s.

This MA at Central. I’ll do it – full time. Leave the Met in May, travel for a month around Spain, maybe a bit of France.  NOTE: That didn’t happen! I just worked! Come back, work freelance til October, attack the MA for all it’s worth. That’s if I get in, of course…

I’m looking foward to this summer. Breezes through green trees, pretty girls on long dresses on bikes, free music festivals. That glorious feeling you get on a bright, sunny day that everything is great and why would you want to be anywhere else but London? I feel like I know where I’m heading in life, it feels fresh and exciting, but with the very necessary connections to the past established and keeping me grounded. Give me a day or two back at work and this will all be faded.  Then I’ll be saying “The future is not as good as it used to be.”

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