Citizen Mehta

I finished what could tentatively be called a first draft of Mehta yesterday. I guess you could just call it a mass of raw material, more than anything particularly ready for reading.

I spent an hour or so mapping out each characters journey and desires on a grid, as well as the loose structure of the piece, so I could always refer to it easily when getting lost in the dialogue jungles.

Decided to make the decision to drop the framing story – or rather make it more tacit. It’s still there, and leads to one significant shift…but definitely makes sure the focus is on Mehta and his relationships, rather than the main characters redemption. It reminds me a little of Citizen Kane…is that too grandiose a comparison? I mean merely in the sense it’s about discovering the life hidden behind a popular, well known figure. I’ll stop now.

Draft Two, to sum up, is under way. It is in essence a complete redraft, but I feel comfortable rewriting it, using bits of draft one where necessary. I think it’s best for the structure, and that’s on my list of areas I need to improve in.

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