Charcoal Chorus

Sorry this is a bit late, guys. Been absolutely rammed with work.

Last Friday and Saturday (4/5th March), I performed at Shunt, in a devised piece for Charcoal Chorus. They’re a new collective I’ve been working with over the last month, with Zoe Payne, among several esteemed others, with the aim of ultimately taking a project to Italy at the end of July.

We will use a succession of scratch nights to explore ideas surrounding the myth of Narcissus and Echo and incorporate the most successful elements in the final play. It’ll be a good project for me, because it puts me completely out of my comfort zone: I’m usually quite a naturalistic, dialogue heavy writer, whereas the other members of this group tend towards the abstract and the physical. This makes me a little nervous, I have to admit and I think I have to acknowledge could lead to disaster! But I’ve taken it as my final project at school, so I should have time to work on it in the way that it deserves. I can only really come out of it a better writer.

To keep a track of the Chorus’s progress, check out their twitter feed (@charcoalchorus) or their Tumblr blog (


Cheers, kids!



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