I’ll Try Anything Once

Today I am trying out Ommwriter. In principle, it seems a decent plan. Zoning you out from the multiple windows, just giving you a simple vista to glance your eyes down to occasionally and some calming music to keep you on track.
Replicating that 4 A.M. feel of nothing else going on at all. All is quiet, all is calm. Nobody peaks into your life and the status of your pants (up or down) seems completely arbitary. The music might grate eventually though…I need some bigger headphones.
Oh, and it has typewriter noises as well. Does that help? I think I quite like it, actually. Makes typing seem a bit more tacticle than it is. That’s the problem with Apple’s shallow keyboards – like comparing a digikeyboard to a grand piano. The sinking of your fingers, resting on those ivory weights is lush.

Scrivener has a similar sort of black out feature, but it can feel a bit more oppressive than this. It’s more “there ain’t anyone else here, you better fucking get on with it before I brain you.” Not that writing software ever gets that aggressive. But it’s part of my trappings. I got my Writer’s Guild of GB card today. Expiry date incorrect: Foreboding. Patel is already past his best? It’s possible. I keep thinking of how Mary Shelley knocked out Frankenstein when she was 18 – lucky pup. She didn’t need any Guild…though a rich poet husband might have helped. Maybe if I was in Geneva like her, I could do the same? I don’t think I can keep blaming Geneva for everything, though.

Sat down with Kat and looked through my Caine/Stamp script. It was actually very useful, and realised just how much my work could improve if I stick it out to the later drafts like I should do. Just need a laptop. and I’ll sit by that window and type all day – right? For now, there’s ol’ reliable  Mr. Desktop. I will use his wares to shape my flabby clay into striking pieces of “art” that nobody will see.

P.S. The Little Girl Upstairs is running around and dropping her Little Ball again. Tap…tap..tap.taptaptaptaptaptap.

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