And The Award Goes To…[Sorry for the delay]

When I get to the end of the year, my immediate thought is always: “What am I doing? What have I done? I’m wasting my life!!”. Then, dismayed, I scan back through my diary (or rather, now, my iCal) and see that I’ve actually done a bloody lot. I mean, it’s nowhere near as much as I should be doing, but certainly fairly respectable. This time last year…I was still working at the Met with no idea of that redundancies that were coming up. I’m not quite sure if I was still musing on CSSD at that point or applied. I knew I wanted to go. The Met feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s only about 9 months since I left. With a memory like mine, I guess that’s enough. SO! What did I get up to this year? Glad you asked…

JANUARY: Saw New Years in watching Aliens. Still working at the Met, despairing about the future.

FEBRUARY: CSSD open day, trouble on the horizon at the Met. Grumblings abound. Living in a small room in Putney, searching for property via an internet connection stolen from the loud South Africans upstairs.

MARCH: 24th birthday…time up at the Met. Decided not to reapply for job, got into Central. Immediately regretted decisions. Flat is bought.

APRIL: This month, safe with my redundancy payment, the flat got done up and I watched Battlestar Galactica. Sure, that doesn’t sound like I did a lot, but there’s a lot of Battlestar to watch. Also, I was laid up with a very sore shoulder that was painful to the point of tears for a couple of weeks. Still don’t know what was up with that…

MAY: A wedding in Cornwall that I drove down to and back the same day. I get glasses. With them, I see Ed Milliband announce his candidacy for Labour Leader.

JUNE: The Blog Begins. Initial enthusiasm stutters within a matter of day. Housemates on holiday, two beautiful meals with two beautiful girls. A picture perfect picnic of risotto in the park on a still, sunny day. Flight of the Conchords at Wembley. My mum’s dad turned 80. The disparate fun of the World Cup. A bad play in the Waterloo Tunnels. Applying for Coming Up.

JULY: Started at Blinkbox, brought an iPhone. The new era begins.Killing myself on AVOD. The worst films that God ever commited to celluloid. And some fine Kiwi TV shows. Missed a boat party. Went to Latitude and loved it despite illness. Saw Inception, Toy Story 3 and the Killer Inside Me. Argued a lot about all three.

AUGUST: Cather’s engagement party. Helped Olivia get a camera (V1). Took photos at Sasha’s brother’s wedding. Had a picnic on Hampstead Heath in the rain. Played a lot of football. Start cycling to work every day (Bike scheme!)

SEPTEMBER: Irish win their double header match against Saracens. Scott Pilgrim is seen and sighed at. Saw Into The Woods at Regent’s Park with Exeter crew. Spent 3 hours getting home due to lack of cycles. Smash iPhone. Get NEW iPhone (for free). Run the Windsor half marathon in under 2 hours. Meet with a prison chaplin and record her interview for play purposes. Racing 5th year anniversary!

OCTOBER: Register and start at CSSD. Go to Zoe & Bryn’s 93 Feet East gig. See Simon Bailey off to Singapore. Hiral gets engaged. James Lindley has an epic Monopoly pub crawl. I start to feel my age. Luke McEwan asks me to sit in on a play. I comment with all the critical vigour of my new course.

NOVEMBER: See a play about spies with an ex-spy (maybe). Nearly win the Roxy Film Quiz. Take lots of photos with the Pentax (which I bought in August, forgot to say). See Johnny G (also Engaged). Do some more freelancing for Tally. Go down to see George & Sarah in their cottage in Dartmoor. They are happy. Give up Facebook for a week. Best thing I’ve done for ages. Start almost immediately again after. Protest against HE cuts and reorganisation of funding.  See Blasted!. Change my mind on it entirely, and recognise its greatness. Continue feeling my age.

DECEMBER: Arcade Fire with Tom Newman-Taylor. Lots of parties. Lots of writing, briefly. Discover a new, decent Mexican place. Don’t write enough. Eat a huge soup from EAT. Have an awkward, but frank dinner with my aunt and uncle. Learn some not great things about my mum. Despair about lack of writing. Drink a lot. Think about relationships I have. Delete 100 facebook friends. Add 3. New Years Eve – I see oldish friends I expected, older friends I didn’t, met a new one I liked, said goodbye quickly to one I didn’t.


While these lists inevitably lead to you regretting your choices and a constant High Fidelity-esque desire to change them, I’m going to pick one and promise to stick with it. If I don’t, I will be spending New Years Writing this list, instead of my assignment.  ‘ere we go : –

Best movie: I want to say the Social Network, but it’s gotta be the Mexican circus documentary, Circo. If you can find it, watch it.

Best play: Again, I saw a lot of solid work this year, far more theatre than I’ve ever seen before. Out of all of them, three stand out. In terms of performance, it’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane revival at The Young Vic. For the power of the work, The Great Game at the Tricycle. For writing, direction and sheer chutzpah, Enron.

Best moment: What else? Getting into Central.

Best realisation: I’m balding more on one side than the other! Or…that I haven’t done enough for causes and people that I really care about. 2011 starts honest.

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