And Then…

Saw Monsters at the Ritzy the other day. I was mostly impressed by this film, that’s been garnering some excellent reviews. However, I feel it mistakes lots of lingering shots of people for gravitas. A solid 4 star film, a spectacular debut no doubt. The comparisons to District 9 are inevitable, if a little lazy (what are computer effects whizzes but the animators of our day?) but I think that film is ultimately more satisfying. You care about the character a great deal more, in my opinion. And the action is superbly directed.

I drank every night this week. I can’t really let that continue if I want to get more done.  Walked back from Charlie’s at 6AM last night – pleasant, pleasant. A great, little house party that I remember mainly for its corridor sitting and downing of cheap, but plentiful booze. In other words, it felt like a real house party.

As for school…the focus on dramatic action in class, so far, has yet to be brought to bear on my work (mainly because I haven’t written anything), but it’s certainly been really helpful in my critiquing of other people’s work. Our writers’ groups are wonderful opportunities to get feedback from people who are both excellent writers themselves and share your learning goals.


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