Posting My Own Post

I’m only putting this up here for future reference: It was my reply to The Cheat’s posting of a Nick Clegg soundbite around the idea of poor people being discouraged from going to uni, that I (sort of) defended:

I genuinely don’t understand why it would be discouraging – the pain in the arse bit on the financial side is the interest accumulating, but then it’s doing that on my own loan so that’s not new.
You don’t start paying back til you’re earning above £21k, which is far more humane than the £15k it is now. The debt doesn’t even count towards your credit rating so does not impact on your future at all – why would it discourage a poorer person to go to university?

I think Clegg is commenting on the spread of disinformation, which was very, very annoying even on the marches. (Although, you could argue that people should do their own research if they want to go to university)

Let’s be clear: the SYSTEM would better and though the COST is absurd, it is only on the backend, not the front.

The protest debate should focus on the value for money of that £9,000 (which it wouldn’t be, hence opposition) and the 80-100% cuts to the humanities teaching budget.

I just want to be able to remember what I thought about this issue at this time. Central are doing an exciting, top secret protest tomorrow…looking forward to it…

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