You may have noticed that my posts have become shorter of late – this is what the reintroduction of Facebook has done to me. It’s allowed me an outlet for a dribbling of words, so I don’t save them for a collective whole.

This weekend has been busy, but good times:

– Went to Glenn’s birthday party on Friday night.

– Finished my treatment for Costa.

– Went to Franca Manca with Cecily.

– Went to see The American (it’s hard being Clooney…)

-Saw Phyllis, a play by one of my coursemates, at Arch 468.

– Filmed a book launch in Hampstead (for a cool £50)

– Decided to turn That Boy, Keval Mehta into a radio play, based on BBC Documentary style.

– Dropped and smashed my iPhone (again).



That last bit isn’t good times, but then it’s not exactly being a flood widow in Pakistan, is it?


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