A Little Buzzing In The Ear

Day 3 without Facebook. That first day was pathetically difficult – probably the strongest withdrawal issues I’ve ever had! First two days were fairly productive, but guess what? Still not that much writing going on. God damn.

That said, yesterday’s lecture about ‘Space and Place’ was useful, and concerned with the areas that I’m interested in exploring. Need to figure out an essay title, and I’m off. What was also encouraging was a meeting that I had with Matt and Kat about the London Space project. I feel I might be pushing myself too strongly onto the project, but I like the idea and it is something I feel passionately about.

HOWEVER: The massively important piece of work that i must first complete is Costa. Costa being my “The Third Man on the Costa De Sol” project for my 3 act structure class. The project has legs, I just need to work out complications. I never saw myself writing thrillers, and that was mostly because I didn’t think I could come up with decent enough plot twists, but there is no better time to try, I suppose!


Today I will also be typing up the 3 overhead conversations for John Donnelly’s class. I have:

1) Girls talking about cigarettes at a student protest.

2) A woman on the bus talking about how she can’t cope with her partner now that he has a brain injury.

3) My coursemates discussing their star signs.


A nice, varied bunch, and I was particularly happy with the one on the bus because it was a very sad tale, but she told it an intentionally comic manner. This just added to the sense of tragedy, and even though it was but a minutes segment of her life, I was feeling the pathos, I really wanted her to be able to work it all out and be happy.

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