The Sun is not to be seen in the sky…

…and I, Vinay Patel, am playing chess with death.

Or at least I wish I were. Was. Is it were or was? Regardless…If I was playing chess with death, I’d either be at a The Seventh Seal cosplay, or answering some Fundamental Questions about life. Far more fundamental than my current “If I play Fallout now and finish it, I’ll write later, right?”

It’s a dull, rainy day. I have to stay in to wait for packages. It’s the perfect excuse to knuckle down and get on with Costa, my script that is basically “The Third Man on the Costa de Sol”. Yesterday, I spent a solid hour or so at CSSD just thrashing out some ideas (for Act 2, natch) and it was a very productive use of my time. Just need to start writing this sucker properly, and I’ll be on my way.


Before I do that, I’ll finish off this John Donnelley exercise from class. He gave us two exercises that I found to be the most useful so far:


1) Think of someone you know, but havent spoken to (like a regular cashier at a checkout). Write down 52 things they want. You have 2 minutes.

2) Think of what a character in a scene wants, the resistance against that desire and how they change tack to get what they want.

If it wasn’t clear, I found that last part really enlightening, and it’s already helped me think about how I structure my dialogue. By seeing it as to to and fro, coming for and a batting away, it really gets a dramatic shape. Will apply it to my bathtub scene before I submit it to Sarah-Jayne.


FIRST! Fallout…THEN…writing up of John’s exercise, THEN Bathtub…



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