The Unlimited Stupidity

On my way in to CSSD to meet Matt and Kat. I’ve brought my camera in to do some video tests. It’s the one feature of this sucker that I’m unsure of – I’ve not used it a lot, at all really, and I’d love to check how it copes with skin tones. However, it would appear that I’ve updated my subscription to Morons Monthly cause I forgot to put a goddamn SD card in, rendering it useless!! Argh! On the photography plus side, I stumped up for Lightroom 3, which was only 60 odd quid on a student rate. Great price, great program. I await UPS’ delivery unto my quivering arms.

Update: Just had a really good discussion with Matt and Kat about a cross media project. It looks like it will probably be theatre and film on stage. So theatre REALLY. Mainly, our discussion revolved around the evolution of public and private spaces, both aesthetically and functionally.

Remember kids: Don’t pontificate, demonstrate. Also, I’m blogging on the Tube again, thus ironically sliding further into the ever increasing shit pit of “Everything I Hate”.

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