First Day

Right into CSSDing, and we started off with some critical theory. Two pieces – one about how the world should be grasped aurally, not visually, and another about different levels of performance within society, with the emphasis on theatre as a didactic experience for an audience. I was positively loving this, even if it’s been a while since I’ve reread sentences that many times, but hey – all part of becoming an MA Reader as opposed to some slack jawed BA wannabe. Also, I met some people off of the part time writing course, as well as the PPR one.

A few people in my class didn’t take to it too well, which was the first time I realised that we’ve not all come from a straight English/Drama or even academic background. That can only be good for the classes range, and since everyone seems quite different (if not a tad theatre inclined), we should knock out some varied pieces.

Postgrad induction in the hours that followed was unremarkable, save for, again, meeting some differing types of chap and chapette. More of the same, please, Central.

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