I’m (very slowly) writing something with Meg, involving a girl who can skip through time. We put it forward for the Blank Slate comp (though, of course, got nothing out of it). It will be good, if made. Meg likes the show Misfits. So, I watched the show, Misfits.

This was something I definitely thought I wouldn’t enjoy. I hold not much truck with either Skins or Heroes so “Skins meets Heroes” was not very likely to appeal. Turns out, I’m wrong. The show is very nicely put together – sharply written, and competently, if not ambitiously, directed. This could be a budget/producer thing, I’m not sure. It’s directed by two young British kids –  Tom Green and Tom Harper. Green I know nothing of, but Harper I know from his short film ‘Cubs’ and feature ‘Scouting Book For Boys’ with Thomas Thurgood. The style of his episodes are similar to those works.

For me, this series is all about Simon, played heart breakingly well by Iwan Rheon. He is genuinely creepy yet sympathetic and his relationship with Sally, his correctional officer is complex and tragic. You get the feeling she actually does care for Simon, even as she uses him. It’s probably as engaging as the show gets. I mean, it does do that classic sell of dressing down an attractive person and calling them a nerd, and while it doesn’t necessarily totally play physically, Rheon pulls off the whole ‘restrained yet seething’ lark, making him a joy to watch.

(On a quick aside, forgot how much I enjoy the Rapture. Reminds me of Virgin Megastore goodtimes)

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