To What End?

Just went to see a collection of plays about Afghanistan, at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. Most were good, one was dross. Compares to ‘The Empire’, both fare favourably.

My theatre companion, a Miss Zoe Payne reignited a discussion we had touched on previously: is theatre the best, even a GOOD medium for these ‘message’ plays. She believes yes, I believe no. My arguments tend around audience, exclusiveness and mass appeal. I believe that theatre is still mainly frequented by left leaning, middle class, relatively wealthy persons. That isn’t their fault, but it’s certainly a dent in any piece’s hopes to spread any sort of grand message. A lot of these so called ‘state of the nation’ plays are, if I do say, arty wank. I know, I know – films can be arty wank too, but even if they are, when it’s effective work, word of mouth may spread and it is far more likely to get seen.

And it’s £8, not £20.

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