Lambeth By Night

Last weekend, I was at a BBQ in darkest Wiltshire, for my friend Catherine’s 25th/engagement. It was the first time in a long time that I’ve been amongst a crowd of people who are not mostly Londoners. In fact, everyone there was a Bristolian at best. I have no issue with this in itself, but a couple of them were strangely aggressive towards London. It was the classic arguments – too busy, too noisy, too crowded.

There’s no point in me writing a blog in defence of all that is good. It’s been done by those better than me, and it really speaks for itself anyway. I will simply say I guess everywhere else in this country does, in some way, define itself to the capital. Understandable.

I spent a lot of time talking to Catherine’s father. He lived around Oval in the 70s, and I was really interested in his stories about it. I get a massive kick in knowing what a place was like before I knew it.

I spent a wonderful 18 minutes cycling around Lambeth’s lovelier streets. Beautiful houses, beautiful bookcases, beautiful kitchens. I was jealous. I want that life. Some day. I’ll take ten more years of nonsense first….

NEW PROJECT: – I have a lot of things on, so really need to get writing. As such, I will write one (small) thing from the Writer’s Block every day. I will start thinking about it in the morning, and write it in the evening. Amen.

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