That Boy, Keval Mehta – Coming Up 2011

I’m entering Coming Up 2011 (if I get my application in on time) and my entry will a “documentary” titled That Boy, Keval Mehta. Synopsis below:

In the closing seconds of the 2018 World Cup, with England about to win on home soil, the England keeper slips and scuffs the final kick of the match straight to the opposition striker. With the keeper stranded, it looks certain the opposition will score, forcing the game into an extra time that England will likely lose.

That’s when stand-in England Captain and rising Asian icon, Keval Mehta, smashes into the opposition striker just before he hits the box, badly injuring him in the process.

Mehta is instantly red-carded, the opposing team, with their best dead ball player missing, mess up the ensuing free kick, and England win the Cup in controversial circumstances.

This documentary is set in 2021, three years after the Cup win and one year since Mehta disappeared. We look at the mixed fan reaction in contrast to both the crucifixion the media gives Mehta and the protection those around him sought to provide.

In doing so, we explore ideas surrounding identity, national pride, the pressures of fame and the destructive effects of guilt – all revealing just how much we are haunted by that One Star above the badge.

I should be able to get it in on time. I’ll go work on the actual forms right now; filling in forms makes it seem like you’re doing work, but you’re really not…

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